Abigail completed her Pharmacy Technician course during which she had her training in various health departments, and since then has worked in several pharmacies for many years. When she met Dr Agius, her interest in CBD grew intensely. She studied CBD both for humans and animals as she was seeing the benefits and amazing results it achieved. During her studies she obtained her diploma in Medicinal Cannabis and CBD where it covered in detail the inclusion of cannabinoids in the symptom management of various conditions, the administration, and its therapeutic actions. She also obtained her diploma in CBD for Animals where she learned how to take into consideration the concept of the holistic approach to health as well as how to calculate and administer it in safe doses.

She also took a course in Pain Management where it dived into the mind and body connection. She studied the various types of pain one might encounter and how to use mindfulness and meditation as natural pain relievers.

Abigail is now continuing her studies in depression and mindful mental health where she will learn how to use mindfulness to treat depression and mental health problems in a universal approach.

Being part of The Pain Clinic team and helping people feel better is the reason as to why she chose to study more about CBD and pain management. She aims to further her studies in the medical sector so that, together with Dr Agius and The Pain Clinic team, she can help people who are in pain to improve their wellbeing.

Outside her work place she enjoys art, riding and spending time with her family.