How do I apply for Medical Cannabis?
To apply for medical cannabis kindly fill in the questionnaire by clicking on this link.
Do I need a prescription for CBD?
All cannabinoid products containing CBD, CBG and CBN with <0.2% THC are available over-the-counter without a prescription.
Do I need a permit to travel with CBD? 
NO, A permit to travel is only required for THC 
How do I renew my Control Card?
To renew your control card, kindly click on this link to apply then a member of our team will assist you in what steps to take from there.
How often do I need to renew my permit and how much does it cost?
You are required to visit the doctor for a 30-minute follow-up and to renew your permit every 6 months & the fee is 45 Euro including the clinic fee.
How do I order my prescriptions online?
To order a prescription click on this link. Always make sure all your documents are in date, that you order within your monthly allowance and that your pharmacy has the medicine in stock. 
Can I travel with Medical Cannabis?
You may order a travel document to either a Schengen country or the UK via our website by clicking this link. If it is a country in the Schengen Zone, you also are required to take it to St. Luke’s to get it stamped. Travelling with cannabis is always at your own risk.
What documents do I need at the pharmacy to access medical cannabis?
The pharmacist requires you to present your ID card, control card, six-month permit and prescription in order to dispense your medical cannabis. Kindly note that all these documents need to be valid (not expired).
How long after my appointment do I need to wait for my permit?
You permit will take an average of 10 to 15 working days before we receive it back from the Superintendent of Public health, then a member of our team emails it to you followed by a phone call to confirm you received it and also explain how to order your medication online.