Medical cannabis has been legalized in March 2018 and the responsible adult use of cannabis has been decriminalized in December 2021.

In this section, we will be summarizing the most important legal points that medical cannabis users need to know about:

  1. Medical cannabis products with THC can be accessed from most licensed pharmacies with a doctor’s prescription, control card and permit from the Superintendent of Public Health. All registered doctors can prescribe and all registered pharmacies can dispense. Medical cannabis flower is recommended for vaporisation and smoking of dried medical cannabis flower is illegal.
  2. Cannabinoid products containing CBD, CBG and CBN with less than 0.2% THC can be bought over the counter without a prescription. Cannabinoid preparations with CBD or CBG that contain part of the plant (flower, hash, resin, pollen and kief) are all prohibited in Malta and therefore importation and sale of any amount of these preparations (even with <0.2% THC) is still illegal despite the CJEU landmark ruling in November 2020 where it was confirmed that CBD is not a narcotic. Malta is currently considered as non-compliant with EU laws on this matter.
  3. Adult cannabis users can grow up to 4 plants per household. They are allowed to carry up to 7g of flower on them and have up to 50g of dried flower at home. It is unclear whether cannabis extracts are allowed and what should be done when the harvest provides more than 50grams from the 4 plants. Seeds can be imported, sold and bought legally.