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Matthew Camilleri is the Managing Director at Rise Physio in Sliema and Qormi, where his team manage The Pain Clinic patients that require physiotherapy. He is a graduate of the University of Malta and the University of Edinburgh where he completed a Master’s degree in clinical pain management.

Rise brings together a team of physiotherapists, osteopaths, strength and conditioning coaches, a sports masseur and an orthopedic surgeon to offer a start-to-finish, holistic health care journey. They offer a totally new concept, combining research based solutions for pain management, return to physical activity and strength and conditioning. The underlying mission is to push clients to move better, feel better and live better!

Matthew is an experienced physiotherapist who holds a special interest in sports physiotherapy and persistent pain management and treatment. He runs Rise Physio +, a private physiotherapy and strength and conditioning centre.  

Matthew has worked with a number of top local and international athletes and sports teams in their journey towards achieving their goals. He is passionate about finding innovative and data-driven solutions to rehabilitation and recovery primarily through smart load management and exercise prescription.

Outside of work, Matthew is very physically active. He has a keen interest in strength training, Olympic weight-lifting, racquet sports and has been playing rugby for the past 20 years.