Since April 2015, Dr Andrew Agius and his team have been researching various natural options to help patients with chronic pain that were still suffering despite the medication they had been prescribed. At The Pain Clinic, we advise patients on healthy lifestyle changes such as a regular sleep routine, the right diet and an adequate amount of physical exercise to promote a pain-free environment and  improve quality of life.

Our interdisciplinary team assesses the patient presenting with pain and identifies various ways to optimize pain relief. We often recommend stress-reducing techniques such as mindfulness meditation and yoga to calm the mind and nervous system. We encourage physical activity within the patient’s limits as we firmly believe that this is a very powerful healing tool and can provide a synergistic effect with prescribed medicine. Physiotherapy and guided stretching may be necessary for patients with symptoms of chronic pain who are advised to start exercising. Supplements are sometimes recommended to support the healing process and promote well-being.

When lifestyle changes and natural health supplements do not achieve the desired effect, The Pain Clinic may also prescribe medical cannabis for the management of chronic pain. This medicine is available from pharmacies with a prescription, control card and permit from the Superintendent of Public Health.

If you are suffering from stress, anxiety and/or chronic pain and would like something natural to help you with your symptoms, you can book an appointment to discuss your medical condition with Dr Agius through our booking page here.