Natural Pain Relief

Since April 2015, Dr Andrew Agius and his team have been researching various options to help patients with chronic pain. At The Pain Clinic, we advise patients on healthy lifestyle changes that can promote a pain-free environment and on nutritional supplements that can improve quality of life.

One such supplement which we discovered in 2016 is cannabidiol (CBD) which was already available online in Malta while medical practitioners in the UK were recommending it to their patients with cancer and chronic painful conditions. 

Following extensive research on its safety and efficacy, we recommended CBD oil as a food supplement for the first time to a 34-year old female patient with fibromyalgia and noticed that this supplement helped her manage her symptoms better, tail down her medication and improve her quality of life. Her family were very grateful for this.

After receiving positive feedback from our patients, we recommended various formulas of CBD oil and observed how these supplements helped patients improve their health and well-being. We found that the response to CBD oil can vary greatly between patients and that full-spectrum, unrefined formulas with a low percentage of minor cannabinoids provide superior health benefits.

Through our collaboration with Ekati Alchemy Lab in Spain, The Pain Clinic has been participating in observational research on how lifestyle changes and health supplements can help improve one’s quality of life by easing symptoms of chronic pain, anxiety and insomnia. Dr Mitsis, a Greek doctor specialized in cannabinoid medicine who runs the lab, has been carrying out clinical trials in collaboration with the University of Athens to identify cannabinoid supplements that can enhance one’s health. He has recently developed a new formula (CBD:CBN 2:1) which he found was more potent in helping patients achieve better pain relief.

Ekati Alchemy Lab’s range (Black, Forte & Algos) is often recommended by our product specialist as a first-line supplement for patients visiting The Pain Clinic.

ekati alchemy cbd product range

Ekati black
Full spectrum cbd oil

Delivers 6mg CBD per drop

Ekati forte
Full spectrum CBD:CBN 2:1

Delivers 4mg CBD &+ 2mg CBN per drop

Algo plus heat cream
Analgesic cream

Contains CBD & Capsaicin

alternative cbd preparations

When patients needing CBD are unable to take the oil because of taste sensitivity or gut issues, capsules or patches are sometimes recommended as an alternative method of delivery and these provide relief for up to 8 hours.

If quick relief is needed, CBD is recommended through vaporisation of a potent extract, such as the Phenopen which delivers a dose of 75% CBD within seconds in a controlled manner through the advanced vape pen technology.

PhenoGel Capsules
CBD capsules

Contains 18mg CBD + CBDV per capsule

CBD patches

Contains 32mg CBD per patch

CBD vape pen

Delivers 1-2mg CBD per puff

More topical cbd preparations

Phenolife also provide a premium CBD-based cream that provide relief for muscle strains and injuries when gently massaged into the skin and another combined with glucosamine to relieve pain and ease inflammation around the body’s joints and cartilage.

PhenoDerma Pain Relief Cream
CBD analgesic cream

Contains CBD

PhenoDerma Glucosamine Cream
CBD & Glucosamine cream

Contains CBD & Glucosamine

If you are suffering from anxiety or chronic pain symptoms and would like to try a CBD-based health supplement to improve your health and well-being, you can request free advice through an online questionnaire or through an appointment with our product specialist in Paola. 

Our natural over-the-counter CBD products can be found at 5 locations in Malta and 2 locations in Gozo

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