1. Kindly arrive at your appointment around 10minutes before the scheduled time.
  2. cancellation fee applies when patients cancel within 24hours of their scheduled appointment time or do not turn up.
  3. Patients requesting medical cannabis for the first time are required to fill in this questionnaire prior to booking an appointment.
  4. For an initial assessment, a 1-hour slot is allocated. To confirm the slot, patients are requested to pay a deposit when making the appointment. The deposit is deducted from the fee for the consultation when the patient comes to the clinic and can be partially refunded if the appointment is cancelled more than 72 hours before the scheduled time and a valid reason is given.
  5. Appointments can be rescheduled as long as this is requested more than 24hours prior to the scheduled time for the appointment. Appointments can only be rescheduled twice unless a valid reason is given to reschedule a third time.
  6. Dispensary orders are picked up by courier on the same day that they are ordered and delivered by 8pm that same day or the next day depending on what was requested. Kindly inform us ASAP if you do not receive your product within the expected time.
  7. Our front office staff is always available to help you should you have any queries or complaints about your appointment or your dispensary order. Kindly contact us on 21666903 during opening hours if you need assistance.