Valerie started out as a professional massage therapist 5 years ago. Her interests were always around helping other people, and by choosing this field she felt like she can offer something to those in need. Her expertise is related to relaxation, natural medicine, finding balance and well being in general. She started her massage therapy practice after getting her diploma in massage and aromatherapy. This helped her achieve the basics and continued her studies in reflexology and deep tissue massage where it opened up her possibilities to help further people who practice sports, as well as people with pain issues. Her interests in the historical cultural use of natural herbs and remedies to heal, motivated her to enroll in a herbalism course and a medical marijuana course to gain more knowledge on how herbs can help us humans connect with natural healing and medicine. Moreover, her interests in the healing arts helped her start a journey in Reiki energy healing and Crystal therapy, gaining more perspective in different dimensions of healing.

In 2021 she visited the UK and succeeded in getting diplomas for more types of massages such as Hot and cold stone therapy, Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage, Tui Na and Trigger point massage. In 2023 she visited the UK again to do a different course, Spinal touch therapy, which is a gentle, non invasive treatment that helps to bring a person’s posture into balance. She has successfully treated people with sciatica pain, posture problems, and people who suffer from migraines and headaches amongst others. Her thirst for knowledge keeps her motivated with continuous development. She is currently doing different courses that are at a deeper level on how to heal oneself and others. She believes that meditation and mindfulness, nutrition and exercise, reflection and journalling, as well as relaxing and doing fun things in life, all play an important part in one’s own journey to be able to function properly, as a need to take care of oneself. She believes that hard work, passion, persistence, determination and motivation are the fundamentals for achieving success in whatever we do in our life.