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Who We Are

The Pain Clinic is a dedicated team of professionals that provide evidence-based innovative and alternative treatment options to manage chronic pain and other illnesses that have not responded to conventional medication.

            Our aims are:     

(1) to identify and explain the cause of the pain

(2) to discuss options for managing the pain

(3) to ease the patient’s suffering and improve their quality of life

What We Offer

Natural Remedies

Explore how herbal supplements can help

Pain Management Consultations

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Medical Cannabis

Discover how the prescribed medicine can ease your pain

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What We Treat

Chronic Pain

Stress & Anxiety



Neck & Back Pain




Why The Pain Clinic?

We’ve been researching innovative pain management solutions since April 2015.

We have hundreds of satisfied patients who we have helped with pain management.

We recommend safe and natural remedies for managing chronic pain.

Our dedicated team is always available to help you.

Your well-being is our priority!